100 Things To Do in Your First Year at Moody – Spokane

I thought that this would be a fun way to end the academic year–my first year, and many others’, at Moody Bible Institute – Spokane.  I hope that this serves as an enjoyable recap of some of the many and varied experiences unique to our community and, perhaps, as a means of enhancing excitement (or fear) in the incoming class.  Know that the list is only meant to be taken with slight seriousness.  So, without further ado, I present to you the (incomprehensive and inexhaustive) list of 100 Things To Do in Your First Year at Moody – Spokane:
1. Make some friends at orientation (they’ll probably end up being your best friends)
2. Learn how to do laundry
3. Realize you can’t cook
4. Eat Ramen noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the same day
5. Eat your roommate’s food (even if it has their name on it)
6. Pull a prank on your sister/brother house
7. Become a hipster
8. Become a vegetarian
9. Give up being a vegetarian because you love bacon too much
10. Try out for a chapel praise team
11. Hang out with people other than your roommate
12. Hang out with people other than your housemates
13. Buy a longboard
14. Try longboarding
15. Realize you can’t longboard, but still bring it to class everyday (because it makes you look cool)
16. Buy pepper spray
17. Have all afternoon classes
18. Build up a mentor/mentee relationship with your favorite professor
19. Fail your first Old Testament application
20. Fail your second Old Testament application
21. Pass Old Testament
22. Buy an ESV Bible
23. Take a (Dr.) Bob class
24. Go out to coffee with a friend of the opposite gender (normal people call this a date)
25. Start a worship band
26. Read the SLG
27. Do everything you want to do in Spokane while it’s still warm
28. Get your car broken into
29. Make a popular YouTube video
30. Start a theological debate with your housemates
31. Still be friends with your housemates (even if they are [insert theological slant here])
32. Check out a liturgical church/parish
33. Don’t schedule Friday classes (3 day weekend!)
34. Apply for every single job opening in the city
35. Show off your (almost) talent at the Fall retreat
36. Show off your (actual) talent at the Hebrews House Show
37. Go to an Open Gym night
38. Read the books you buy
39. Write a controversial post on Moody’s Facebook page
40. Become confused about your “calling”
41. Become a Calvinist
42. Start a debate about why Calvinism is true (preferably with Prof. Schneider)
43. Give up Calvinism
44. Sign in for your PCM every once and a while
45. Visit the writing center (maybe for every paper)
46. Make friends with Gonzaga students
47. Switch churches at least 5 times
48. Fail a Churchwell quiz
49. Fail all of your Churchwell quizzes (even though you did all the assigned reading)
50. Become an expert in all things coffee
51. Go to Canada
52. Write that 10 page final paper the night before it’s due
53. Make breakfast for your sister/brother house
54. Change your major
55. Change your major again
56. Change your major back to what it originally was
57. Write an article for Soma
58. Go to a Chiefs game (go Chiefs!)
59. Create an art piece for our art wall
60. Take a Jan/June term course
61. Go to a dance party
62. Go to a dance party that a prof. awkwardly shows up to
63. Take a whole day off classes to catch up on reading (or sleep)
64. Actually pay for the prints you make in the computer lab
65. Join a church where Moody students don’t make up the majority of the congregation
66. Visit the goat
67. Buy a Spokane pun shirt (e.g. “Spokanada”, “Spokanistan”, “Spocompton”, et al.)
68. Buy winter clothes (especially if you’re from someplace warm like California)
69. Shovel snow for your neighbors
70. Ask a librarian to check out a really obscure text for you (they love to do it)
71. Have dinner with a prof. and his family
72. Play a sport
73. Ask (kindly) for better Wi-Fi
74. Take the jogging class to go visit all the cool parks/trails around town
75. Go ice skating
76. Take an upperclassman-level course to meet students outside of the freshman class
77. Gentlemen, take all the time you spend playing video games in a week and go talk to girls
78. Ladies, take all the time you spend with your housemates (or whatever girls do) in a week and go talk to guys
79. Read a really old book by a really dead theologian
80. Visit the potato state
81. Figure out whether the Bible you hold is inspired and inerrant or not
82. Start thinking about grad school
83. Preach your first message
84. Do all of you Bible reading journals the night before they’re due (just kidding)
85. Ask a professor to be their T.A. in the Fall
86. Dress formally to a class
87. Run/bike the Centennial Trail
88. Talk your prof. into holding class outside (in Spring, preferably)
89. Run Bloomsday
90. Publicly ask someone to Spring Formal
91. Consider studying abroad for a semester
92. Read the whole Bible
93. Read the whole Bible well
94. Consider joining the new Honors Program (a shameless plug)
95. Go to chapel (or you’ll get expelled)
96. Attend the graduation ceremony (you’ll be there someday)
97. Fall in love
98. Actually fall in love
99. Apply to Chicago
100. …But stay in Spokane
Please feel at liberty to share any ones that I missed.

One comment on “100 Things To Do in Your First Year at Moody – Spokane

  1. Sarah says:

    101. Watch Julian Smith.

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