Stay Strong, Sampson By A.C. Doran

If someone cuts off your hair

while you are sleeping, you have a right

to a broken heart, a right

to your mourning.

There may well be long days ahead

in which you can barely go on

thinking so heavily of what you’ve lost.

But when the moment is right,

you will rediscover your strength.

You’ll realize the pillars you’re chained between

are truly weapons

more powerful than any you’ve ever held.

The foundations of your prison

are at the mercy of your own strength,

and you will destroy your captors once

you find it again.

Your story will resolve with you undefeated,

throwing victory in the face of the foolish,

crushing them powerless with

your refusal to forget or pretend against the truth that

you have access to a strength

that is stronger than anything—

including lions, lying lovers, or Philistines.


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